If you are bored of the traditional furnishing and are looking for something comfortable that looks great to spice up both your interiors and exteriors, then Antakh is exactly what you need. We give you the highest quality of alternative furniture, shaped to your comfort.We have a wide product range of beanbags with designs inspired form modern living with a variety of colors and material (Leather, Suede, cotton, and waterproof). We can also customize both shapes and designs to soother your individual needs.Once you get an Antakh you’re in for way more than your money’s worth. From sheer comfort of our very high quality products, to the great look you’d get from our various shape, sizes and designs. If you’re a business, there are many ways of which Antakh can help enhance your business growth.


Indoor Furnitureالرجوع لأعلى

Cozy Lounger - Leather Fushia

King chair - Suede Black

King Sofa - Waterproof Red

Chiller Chair - Leather Brown + Pink Boarder

Recliner - Suede Purple

Outdoor Furnitureالرجوع لأعلى

Pyramoid Cotton - Yellow

Cone Cotton - Lime Green

King Chair - leather Baby Blue

Hubbly - Leather Baby Blue

Oblong - Cotton Royal Blue

Cone - Waterproof Yellow